Why you need lavender bags in your life! 

Not only do our lavender bags look and smell lovely, they are also handmade in Dorset using recycled clothing. The best thing of all, lavender bags do an amazing job of deterring pesky MOTHS from your wardrobe.


Adult moths do not have mouths, so those irritating holes are actually caused by moth eggs and caterpillar-like larvae chewing through your clothes. Moth larvae generally only feed on fibres of animal origin such as wool, silk, cashmere, angora, feathers and fur.
Lavender bags are a natural deterrent to moths as dried lavender contains camphor oil and is highly repellent to moths. Also lavender bags can hold fragrance for up to 20 years. Just give them a squeeze once in a while to release the scent.
🤍Hang them in your wardrobe.
🤍Pop one in your drawers.
🤍Place in a box of stored clothes.
🤍place in a pillowcase to aid a good night sleep.
🤍Store one in each piece of empty luggage after a trip to keep suitcases smelling fresh.
🤍Stow in the car as a natural alternative to commercial air fresheners.

You can shop our range of hand-madelavender bags here or through our etsy shop.