About us

Our objective is simple, to work closely with women’s charities and local community organisations across Dorset and BCP to provide clothing to women in need of clothing support. How? By gifting bespoke clothing gift bags.

There are many women living in the UK who are in desperate need of clothing and many women who have a wardrobe full of clothes they no longer need. Clothes they do not wear, no longer fit or have fallen out of love with. We believe we can bridge the gap by supporting women as well as promoting sustainability and extending the life of garments. 

We hope to move away from the notion of clothing donations arriving with the women who need them in a black bag (the embodiment of a bag of rubbish). We use donated clothing for our gift bags. The clothes are laundered, folded and beautifully presented in drawstring bags, lovingly handmade using up-cycled fabric. Our clothing gift bags are personally tailored to the recipients size, style preference and clothing need. Each gift bag contains 15-18 items, an inspirational message and a hand made lavender heart. 


How can I donate?

Submitting a referral request

Meet the Founders

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We are a volunteer led social enterprise.

Each family member has their own set of skills and experience. As a collaboration we hope we can make Wardrobe Foundation a success both environmentally, and socially through the charities we support.

Lisa Grant A Stylist and self-confessed organiser with a passion for fashion and all things creative. 

Stuart Grant A lifetime working in the fashion industry!

Eloise Grant With a degree in Human Geography and Environmental Science and an MSc in Strategic Sustainable Business. We couldn’t possibly do this without her.

"I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things." - Mother Teresa


Meet Our Team

Wardrobe Foundation is a volunteer led Social Enterprise, and wow what a team of volunteers we have! Our fantastic team help to ensure Wardrobe Foundation can run smoothly and efficiently in providing clothing to women in need of clothing support across Dorset and BCP. Whether that is through sewing up our beautiful gift bags or helping to sort donations – they do it all!

Meet the team below…coming soon!