A Social Enterprise


Clothing gift bags are distributed through charitable organisations and local partners. We want the women we help to feel confident and cared for and tailor-make each bag to the recipients size, style and need.


Nothing is wasted at WF HQ! Clothes that are unsuitable for gifting or resale are transformed into bespoke hand crafted pieces. Our lavender bags can be purchased online.



All proceeds from the sale of items on our website, Etsy and Depop go straight into the social enterprise. This helps towards providing clothing gift bags to women in need of clothing support.

Each unique gift bag has been lovingly hand-made using up-cycled fabric. The items we include have all been laundered, steamed and wrapped using recycled tissue paper.

The average garment is worn just 10 times

Global Fashion Agenda

Extending the active life of clothes offers the greatest reduction of the carbon, water and waste used in the manufacturing process


More than 300,000 tonnes a year of unwanted clothing goes to landfill in the UK

Love your clothes