Outreach & Golden Rails

At Wardrobe Foundation we can offer rails of clothing for your organisation or care home. Browsing the rails offers a shopping experience without the financial burden, giving choice and dignity to those in need of clothing.

“The Bourne Community Hub has worked alongside Wardrobe Foundation for 3 community projects now and wow I couldn’t have imagined the positives, light and much needed support that would stem from these clothing donations.

Daily I have women running up to me to tell me their outfit is a Wardrobe Foundation donation and I can see a spring in their step wearing their new item/s.

The cost-of-living crisis has hit us all hard, but the clothing need is overlooked. I’m so grateful for Wardrobe Foundation’s support to help empower and bring confidence to many local women in need. Thank you, such a lot.”

- Tesh, Bourne Community Hub