What makes Wardrobe Foundation different from a charity shop?

We work with charities and organisations to get straight to the cause of a pressing issue within society. We use your donations to create capsule wardrobe foundation gift bags full of essential clothing items, delivered to the women who need them through our charitable partners. 

How can I donate?

Due to the recent lockdown we have paused our donation collections for now. We will be regularly updating our Facebook page and website for future collection days. The Cranborne Village store also kindly act as a drop-off location for us. If you are unsure of the best way to donate or have items to donate then please do contact us at eloise@wardrobefoundation.co.uk or drop us a message on our Facebook page! 

Do you have a list of donations you accept?

We accept most clothing you would typically find in a women’s wardrobe – take a look at our list here. We do accept teenagers’ clothes, however, the people who receive our clothing packages tend to be 18 years +. We regularly update our Facebook page and website with items that are low in stock. 

Do I need to wash my clothes before donating?

Ideally yes, however, we do process all items at our HQ. If you are able to highlight any minor faults that is greatly appreciated (eg. missing button, loose hem), we can then fix these up and ensure nobody is receiving faulty items!

What items don’t you accept?

We do not accept underwear, sportswear, swimwear and nightwear. Or anything that is stained, ripped or badly damaged as we simply do not  have the capability to process these items. A good test if you are unsure if the item is suitable is: "Would you give it to a friend?"

Do my donations have to make up an outfit?

No – not at all! We put together collections at the Wardrobe Foundation HQ to create outfits.

Are you legit?

We understand - it's a good question to ask! And the answer is yes. We are a registered UK social enterprise. We have partnered with organisations and charities across Dorset and the BCP area to ensure your wonderful clothes can be passed on to women who need clothing support. Call us the middleman - or actually the middle women! 

I work for an organisation, how do I submit a referral request?

All our referral requests must come through established professional bodies (local council/social workers/charitable organisations/voluntary organisations). To submit a referral request, use this form or contact us directly. All our referral gift packs are distributed anonymously. If you would like to become a referral partner please email us, eloise@wardrobefoundation.co.uk 

Our organisation has limited storage space.

No problem, we can work with you to determine the most effective way of delivering clothing gift bags.  

Who can receive a referral gift bag?

We work with charity partners and organisations in Dorset and Hampshire to deliver our clothing gift bags. We rely on the professional opinion of the organisations we work with to decide who needs a bag. 

I am in need of clothing support, how can I receive a gift bag? 

If you are receiving any kind of support from social services or voluntary projects and require help with clothing, please ask them about submitting a referral to us. If they are not a current referral partner please ask them to get in touch and we will arrange for them to become one of our referral partners. 

What is included in a referral gift bag?

Our packs will always include 15 -18 items of clothing that can be worn together and mix and matched. The items included are warm, comfortable every-day items tailored to the recipients size, style preference and clothing need. The contents of the bag can vary depending on the request and the stock we have at that time. 

How do you know what size or what style a person likes?

We ask/gather as much information from the charitable body or organisation submitting the referral, including sizes and clothing preferences.

Do you meet the recipient?

No – we never meet the recipient. We work through already established organisations and trust their professional opinion to determine who requires a pack.

Where are you based?

The Wardrobe Foundation HQ is based in Cranborne, Wimborne, Dorset. We can however receive donations and ship products from our online shop across the UK. 


Contact us at eloise@wardrobefoundation.co.uk if you have any further questions!