Clothing Support Requests

Wardrobe Foundation works with charities, organisations and local communities to provide clothing to women in need of clothing support. We operate across Dorset, Hampshire and the Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch area. To find out more about how to partner with us and refer women in need of clothing support, please do drop us a message at 

We aim to include at least 18 items of clothing in every gift bag. 

Excellent quality maternity and workwear also available.  

The gift bags we provide are free of charge. 


Charities and organisations can make a referral request by completing our short form. Or please email: 

Download Gift Bag Information here

Make a clothing request

We trust your professional opinion to decide who is in need of a referral gift bag, please do NOT provide any identifiable information regarding the gift bag recipient. We do not accept referrals from friends and family, or self-referrals.  

I am in need of clothing support, how can I receive a gift bag?

If you are receiving any kind of support from social services or voluntary projects and require help with clothing, please ask them about submitting a referral to us. If they are not a current referral partner please ask them to get in touch and we will arrange for them to become one of our referral partners.